Boutique Editorial Fashion Stylist in Melbourne

Have you got runway projects, fashion shows and/or magazine covers that require editorial fashion styling? The team at Miss JP offers an excellent service that can work with brands of all types and sizes. Our editorial fashion stylist in Melbourne takes the time to understand your specific brand and provide styling advice that gives it a much needed boost. We’ve worked with some of the most talented photographers, models, designers and celebrities in showcasing the latest fashions and enhancing their branding.

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What Makes Us One of the Best Editorial Stylists?

Miss JP has a reputation as one of the best editorial stylists in Melbourne. We’re backed by a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, along with a strong passion and flair for fashion. Other ways we stand out from the competition include:

  • We work closely with clients to formulate and provide tailor made packages
  • We ensure choices match the physique, tastes and budgets of our clients
  • We help our clients develop their fashion skills and confidence levels
  • We stay up-to-date with the latest styles, trends and vogues
  • We emphasise creativity, personality, self-discovery and self-empowerment
  • We maintain affordable prices without taking shortcuts or compromising on quality

Our editorial stylist in Melbourne, Julia, has also completed her Masters Certificate of Professional Styling at the Australia Style Institute, which means she fully appreciates the power of presentation and how much influence it can have on the people around you.

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Miss JP is your one-stop destination for editorial fashion styling. Get in touch with us today by visiting our contact page and choosing your preferred method of speaking to us.

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